Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tailor/Upholsterer's Duites in Hotel

Tailor/Upholsterer: Tailor/Upholsterer should be necessary in Hotel. Tailor Room must be clean and dry. The Tailors attend to the stitching and mending work of Linen and Uniforms.

1 Mend all Hotel damaged Linen.
2. Mend all Hotel damaged Uniforms
3. Refurnish all damaged Upholstery.
4. Withdraw material form the store and take to the work their place.
5 Cut the material as per requirement of each particular item.
6. To check all the quality of spring, Foam.and replace.
7. Keep the work place assigned neat and tidy.
8. Tailor/Upholstery Department must co-ordinates with Linen Room Supervisor

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