Wednesday, December 2, 2009

There ane many Iteams Supplies in the Hotel 's Room

1. Seating Chairs and Sofa

2. Dressing Table/ Desd and Stool

3. Storage Space for Clothes

4. Waste Bin

5. Ashtrays and Matic Box

6. Beside Table/ Canbinet Console

7. Lugguage Rack

8. Telephone and Note Pad

9. Coffee Table

10. Long Mirror and T.V

11. Lamps and Pictures

12. Wall Hangings etc

1 Bed (Mattress)

1 Mattress Protector

3 Bed Sheets

1 Bed Spread

1 Blankets Double and Single Size and extra

2 Pillow and Pillow case (cover) and extra pillow

1 Night Spread (per posonal)

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