Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cloak Room Attenadants most important in Hotel

Cloak Room Attendants: Cloak Room Attendants are boy or sometimes girl who clean and maintain in public area guest toilets. Their responsibility is the supply of clean and dry towels. Like: Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Bath Maths, Face Towels, etc.

Housemen: Housemen is a person who cleaning required in guest room and public areas. Housemen' s duties is very heavy. Like, Cleaning of windows Panes, Brassoing, Vacuuming , Sweeping etc,

Horticulturist: This person is responsible to manage hotel garden and supply Folwers Required for interior decoration . The team may be made of Head Gardener and Junior Gardener.

Room Attendants: This Department is very necessary in hotel. They work udder the Floor Supervisor. They are also called Room Maids. They do the cleaning of guest rooms and guest bathrooms. Room Attendants are responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of all hotel's rooms. Housemen help them their work.

Hat-Checkers: It is also necessary in Hotel. Hat-Checkers is a Service provide by super hotels in cold climates would carefully label these guest articles.

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