Saturday, November 28, 2009

Organisation of a Housekeeping Department

Assistant Housekeeper: He is second to the Executive Housekeeper. He help the executive Housekeeper. He is responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the floors of the hotel.

Linen and Uniforms Supervisor: They are responsible of giving clean linen and uniforms. He is help Tailors, Helpers, Assistants, Attendants should manage, plan and provide clean service able uniforms to the staff of the hotel

Desk Control Supervisor: This is a very important position in a hotel. He is the head of the front Office. The housekeeping desk must be manned 24 hours as guests and staff will contact this desk to transmit or receive information concerning housekeeping. Desk Control Supervisor who coordinates with the front Office for Information on departure rooms. He is handing over cleared rooms.

Floor Supervisor: He is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and attractiveness of the guest floor. He checking all the public areas in hotel. He is insure maintaining the standard of hotel. It does training and recruiting of new housekeeping staff. He co-ordinate with Front Office, Laundry, Engineering, Room Service.

Night Supervisor: He is responsible all housekeeping staff in hotel. He is also responsible holds special position in housekeeping department as they should be able to handle any aspect of housekeeping at night including desk operations, issue of uniforms and linens on emergency in Hotel

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