Thursday, November 26, 2009

Layout of the Housekeeping Department

Linen Store: New cloth, for making linen are stocked here these stocks are supp plied when the current linen in circulation falls short due damage or loss. It should be large

Tailors Room: The tailors attend to the stitching and mending work of linen and Uniform The stitching work of the new linen and uniforms also might take place.

Linen and Uniform Room: It is a room where current linen is store for issue and receipt (The room is large airy and free from heat humidity ) with adequate shelves to stock all linen.

Uniform Room: This room stocks the uniforms in current use. Tt adjoins the Laundry for smooth operation. Tt has a counter across where exchange of uniform takes place.

Executive Housekeeper: He is the head of the department of Housekeeping. His position is most important in a Hotel. He prepares(Plans) schedules and trains staff. He has authority to discharge undisciplined staff.

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