Wednesday, November 18, 2009

housekeeping Department

Housekeeping Department in a Hotel or House is responsible for the cleanliness, mainteance, and aesthetic of the Hotel or House. In others words ,the role of housekeeping is to keep a clean, confortable and safe. Just as we keep our house sparking , so the Housekeeping Department keeps the Hotel or House clean and comfortable.
The largest margen of income of a hotel comes froms the sales of rooms. The sales of rooms depends on the cleanliness, decoration, facilities and safety of the room. Therefore the Housekeeping Department is responsible to make the room appealing to the guest.
There are many types of Hotels,
1 Down-Town-Hotel: Hotels which are located in the main city are called Down-town-Hote.
Sach as : Annapurna Hotel, Yak and Yeti
2 Suburban-Hotel: It is situated in the Suburban area.
3 Airpotr-Hotel: Built at the Airport for the transit passenger.
4. Resort-Hotel: These types of hotesl are located in places of natural and beauty.
5. Motel - Hotel: It is situated on the highway .(rosd side hotels)
6. Inns- Hotel: Such hotels are located outside the city and not very expensive.
7. Floatel-Hotel: These types of hotels ate located in ship

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