Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost and Found Section

Lost and Found Section: This Department must a small speech away from the thoroughfare. It should be dry and cool with a cup board to store all guest articles that are Lost and Found may be Claimed Later.

Floor Pantries: It should be a floor pantry to keep a supplies of Linen. Like, Towels, Bed Sheets, Bed Spreads, Napkins,Curtains etc. This should be cleaning supplies for floor in hotel. Floor Pantries is the housekeeping nerve centre for the floor in hotel.
Floor Pantries should be away from guest view and suited the service Laundry near the service elevators. Floor must have shelves and cupboards, to stack all hotel 's Linen and Garment Supplies.

Heavy Equipment Stores: This Department will be a room to store bulky items. Like, machines , Ladders, Vacuum Cleaners, Shampoo etc. Heavy Equipment Stores must have a clean and dry. This should also be securely Locked to avoid stealing by other department in hotel.

Green House: It is necessary in hotel. The Green house should have wooden racks to store pots etc. A horticultur comes under housekeeping normally. Green House to foster specialised plans is necessary in the garden areas in Hotel.

Head Gardener: It it also necessary in hotel. Keeping in mind cleanliness aesthetic appeal and freshness all the year round through a well motivated team of gardeners.

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